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[notebook] Google Push Notification API

2/26/2015 10:06:00 AM Posted by Kai-Chu Chung , , , , 14 comments

Google Push Notification

The Google APIs provides push notification that let you watch for changes to resources

Google Drive Push Notification

Google APIs provides Push Notification

You can visit Google APIs Explorer - search watch. There are few APIs support push notification now. Not all of them.
calendar.settings.watchCalendar API v3Watch for changes to Settings resources.
calendar.acl.watchCalendar API v3Watch for changes to ACL resources.
calendar.calendarList.watchCalendar API v3Watch for changes to CalendarList resources. API v3Watch for changes to Events resources.
storage.objects.watchAllCloud Storage API v1beta2Watch for changes on all objects in a bucket.
reports.activities.watchAdmin Reports API reports_v1Push changes to activities
directory.users.watchAdmin Directory API directory_v1Watch for changes in users list
directory.users.aliases.watchAdmin Directory API directory_v1Watch for changes in user aliases list
storage.objects.watchAllCloud Storage API v1Watch for changes on all objects in a bucket.
youtube.playlistItems.updateYouTube Data API v3Modifies a playlist item. For example, you could update the item’s position in the playlist.
drive.files.watchDrive API v2Subscribe to changes on a file
drive.changes.watchDrive API v2Subscribe to changes for a user.


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