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8/15/2008 10:18:00 PM Posted by Unknown , 2 comments
上一篇文章提到Google即將停止Page Create的服務。而以Google Sites來取代其功能。

因此想說就試一下Google Sites有沒有比較彈性的功能。在頁面編輯的時候加了一最簡單的Javascript語法,如果成功的話,就可以在Google Sites中試一些Google API來玩玩。

document.alert('alert popup message');


又回去把Google announce的文章看一篇. !!!! 居然沒有看到..

I'm not sure if Google Sites is a good replacement for Page Creator, since the interface is more complicated and there are many limitations: you can't add JavaScript code, embedded objects or iframes, it's more difficult to upload files and to setup a simple site.

URI: Google Page Creator to Be Closed(Google).