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[Chrome Extensions] QuietRead

12/24/2009 07:55:00 PM Posted by Unknown , , , No comments
Two weeks ago. I went to join Taipei GTUG (Google Technology User Group) Google Chrome Hackathon. At the Chrome Hackathon, the people who attended want to developed few useful, interesting, funny Google Chrome extensions.

In my team (although 2 members) want to develop a useful chrome extensions. Nowadays, it's very convenient to search anything on the internet. Shopping, documents, and news for instance.

You might browse a lot links in one day. How come you could remember all of that links. You might say that you can use bookmark to keep the URL you haven't read it but you interested in it. It's a good method. I use the bookmarks in different browsers too. But, i will keep the link to my bookmarks i thought it's helpful to me. So, i need to any way to keep the URL for a while. That's why QuieRead from.

What's QuietRread?

QuietRead is very simple concept. You might have used the similar service on the internet. What's different between they and QuietRead. I assume you already have a Google Account (If you haven't. Have one). Because QuietRead use Google Documnet List Data API & Google SpreadSheet Data API to save the URL in your Google Docs SpreadSheet.

What does QuietRead do?

Quick answer: Add and remove URL on Google Docs specific SpreadSheet.

How does QuietRead work?

Because QuietRead use Google Documnet List Data API & Google SpreadSheet Data API, you have to login your Google account first in QuietRead extensions Option page. Following are simple step.
  1. Login in your Google Account.
  2. If login is succeed. Then, QuietRead will try to get Google Document List Data API & Google SpreadSheet Data API authorization.
  3. Check "QuietreadQueue" spreadsheet file on your Google Docs.
  4. If "QuietreadQueue" is exist, loading data. If "QuietreadQueue" isn't exist. create new one.
  5. now, you can add and remove URL in Chrome QuietRead Extensions.

Google Chrome QuietRead Extensions


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