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[Chrome Extensions] QuietRead V2.1.0 Released

5/01/2010 04:49:00 PM Posted by Unknown , , , 2 comments

Chrome Extension - Quietread V2.1.0 Released

My last updated (v2.0.1) was one month ago. The biggest changed on Chrome extension Quietread V2.x was using Google OAuth for authorization. The Users don't type their Google Account and Password. It's more convenient and safe to access user's data on Google Spreadsheet.

Then, what's updated at version V2.1.0. The following list is simple summary.

  • Add Tags and Notes feature for each Item. Now, you could add tags or notes to help you find out specific item you haven't finished.
  • Search and tags support auto complete. You could use multiple keywords (ex: tags:jquery 2010). The results will highlight also.
  • Quietread supports auto fetch your data from Google Docs spreadsheet in background in specific period. Default setting is 300 secs. You also could update immediately by clicking refresh button.
  • You could share link what you read to your friend by email button.
  • Add page and remove page by keyboard short keys.
The summary above are new features. Then, what features are pull off at this version.
  • Sorting. I take searching instead of sorting.
  • Show list by keyboard short keys. This feature does not work very well because of some specific pages like Chrome Home page.
  • Automatic add page by clicking Quietread icon. It seems a little bit annoy.

Edit Notes
Edit Tags

Search box

Search for specific tag

Search for specific tag and keyword



There may have problem when you update Quietread to version 2.1.0. You have to make sure "QuietreadQueue" that on your Google Docs has 7 columns at least.

Download Quietread V2.1.0


  1. wow! i noticed update version... nice UI interface design.. but still cant get some data from and still blank in QuietList after it said "loading tab info." :( so i have list of site in

    i suggest:
    1) TAG color
    2) place tag color icon on the top then click color to show list like folder... :)

  2. the extension doesn't work well. See the chrome extension page. Can you help? Thanks