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Manage ebooks download list with Google Reader and RTM

5/09/2011 11:29:00 PM Posted by Unknown 2 comments
cause tablet computer like iPad etc. It's very convenient to read ebook (epub, pdf, etc) in your tablet computer anywhere. I like to download pdf ebook from websites and upload to my Google Docs. Then, i have my own ebook bookshelf on the cloud. I subscript few ebooks shared website. Most of those ebooks shared from web spaces that is limited download if you don't pay money. So, i create a RTM list to manage how many ebooks i haven't download. Once i downad it and i will mark it complete.

simple scenario is:
Google Reader → send to function → RTM

  1. RTM setting: create a list called "ebook"
  2. viste:
    after login your RTM. you will see the a simple form.
    you can get "List" dropdown list value(id) by viewing sources code. ebook
  3. Google Reader setting:
    options > Reader settings > Send To, Create a custom link
  • Name: RTM(ebook download)
  • URL:${title}&url=${url}&due=2 days&priority=3&repeat=0&estimate=5 minutes&tags=download&list=[your ebook list id]
  • Icon url:

fill form out with above value. You might notice that you can assign due, priority etc. The most important here is your ebook list id (you can get it at step 2). After finishing and save.

All settings done.
Now, you can subscript ebook download site ( for example) RSS. Once you get a new RSS and want to add to your RTM ebook download list. Just click "send to > RTM(ebook download)". You will redirect to Click "Add Task". done.

i post it to RTM forum