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[Cydia] How to export Audio Record m4a directly.

2/02/2014 11:19:00 PM Posted by Unknown , , 1 comment
iOS Audio Record Cydia tweak is very a awesome tool to record voice phone call with ease. You all need to do is clicking the record button. There is a more detail introduction ( Record iPhone Calls With Audio Recorder – Free & No Warning | iPhone4idiots :

Send m4a file via Email

Audio Record tweak default let you can send voice recording via email as following snapshot show. But you will not be able to send voice recording m4a file when file is too big.

Export m4a file via iFile/iTools etc tools

If we can not send voice recording file via email. You might think that we could get file directly. How do we do? In Audio Recorder list view. When you click shark button. Audio Recorder might take some time prepare data (m4a file) for sending via Email. Audio Recorder will create two m4a file in /var/tmp as following snapshot show. Both of them are same. 

Audio Recorder m4a file path


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