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Gmail Labs New feature: Tasks

12/09/2008 11:15:00 PM Posted by Unknown , 1 comment
Now, Gmail has new experimental feature called Tasks. It's a way to help you can keep track events or something what you need to do. You can add new tasks in tasks panel directly or choose email item what you want by click "Add to Tasks" top of email lists.

In tasks panel(It has a default panel and you can add panle by new list). You can build your tree view by indent(Tab) and Un-indent(Shift-Tab) and you can drape and drop items where you want to display too.

Then, you can edit detail for every item.  There's support user custom Due Date and Note item. Due Date just let user select day time (i hope that it can support select date time like google calendar)

It's using a lightway let you can keep track what you need to do.  But, i hope this tasks can improve more features. for example: due date support date time. Those feature we talk about are similar The Remember The Milk for Gamil Tasks. It's need to install FireFox extension for Remember The Milk for Gmail if you want to use it. So, i hope Gmail Tasks can keep improve and make it more friendly.

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