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The Google funtions of Google Docs Spreadsheets

12/05/2008 09:23:00 PM Posted by Unknown , 1 comment

Yesterday, i found a vidoe called Google Docs for feed that talk about google document load feed in Youtube-GoogleDocsCommunity. That's Goolge functions of Google Doc Spreadsheet function list



Google Finance information

GoogleFinance(symbol, attribute)

Google Lookup information

GoogleLookup(entity, attribute)

Import data from external source


Import data from external source

ImportFeed(URL, query, headers, numItems)

Import data from external source

ImportHtml(URL, query, index)

Cross-workbook reference

ImportRange(spreadsheet_key, [sheet!]range)

Import data from external source

ImportXML(URL, query)

Google function support functions given above and you can get those function detail explain in Google Docs help center. Then fllowing is my live demo of import feed from picasa web album

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