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Few New Google Chrome Video From GoogleJapan

10/12/2009 07:22:00 PM Posted by Unknown , 2 comments
Have you seen the so~~~~~o cute Google Street View Video by Google Japan. If you haven't seen that video. Click here to see that. I very recommend you guys to have a look even you just a end user. The video can give you a skeleton concept of Google Street View.

As you can see. It's a good introduction video from Google Japan. It's show time again but the main character change to new super star "Chrome". I think that "Speed" will be one of the good browser experience of Chrome for you guys. You guys may have few browsers in the computers like me. That mean you are pay attention in browser developing. If you should be. Following has few new Chrome video by Google Japan. Have a look!!!

速い + SUPER MONKEY BALL: Google Chrome アーティストテーマ

Google Chrome アーティスト テーマ スライドショー

速い + NINTEA: Google Chrome アーティストテーマ

速い + ART: Google Chrome アーティストテーマ