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10/11/2009 02:20:00 PM Posted by Unknown 1 comment
I wrote a article ([Javascript & Css] CountDown) about Google Code Jam 2008 main page countdown. It does work using Javascript + CSS + DHTML and following is sniper image.

After i wrote this article. I try to search this font on the inter and ask my colleagues. What's this font? Until today i still haven't gotten exactly this font. But, i found iPhone app WhatTheFont in one iPhone Home screens of First & 20. First & 20 is a collection of Home screens of some of the best and brightest developers, designers and tech writers.

What does WhatTheFont[app store link] do? It's very clear to understand as app name - Identify the fonts in a photo or web graphic!! Following is the simple step i try to identify the font i didn't know.

Using WhatTheFont app on your iPhone or iPhone touch.
  1. Sniper the photo of font and crop image. Then click upload

  2. Check Chars and click identify!

  3. You will get few font matches.

Using WhatTheFont web page to identify the fonts.
  1. You can upload a file or paste a specify image url.

  2. Check selection characters. Leave character boxes blank if no valid character is highlighted. Then, click continue.

  3. You will get few font matches as App version.


Compare WhatTheFont App version and WhatTheFont web page font identify. I get more font matches by using App version than using web page font identify. But, as you can see. Using web page font identify is more easy than App version. Whatever you chose which one. If you get the anwser like me. I think it's a good solution at least.

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